The Reflexology

We all know that old age is the most difficult to cope with in the life of a human being, either because of physical changes or the difficulty of performing tasks that once seemed simple and become increasingly complicated.

Regardless of these factors, even if we prepare ourselves in the best way possible to face the third age adopting measures that prioritize the well-being and the health, to avoid some problems and pains are not within our reach.

From this, new practices arise that help the elderly in reducing body aches and improve blood circulation.

Today we are dealing with hand reflexology, a therapeutic massage technique capable of providing relaxation, well-being, relief of pain and even prevention of some diseases such as stress, migraine and fibromyalgia.

Reflexology is an ancient massage technique, created by the Egyptians approximately 2500 years before Christ, and is considered one of the practices that bring the most benefits to health and well-being, this technique is based on the certainty that our body functions as a map with specific points that when properly stimulated bring us the sense of relief and pleasure.

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