Foot massages for relief of back pain

It is common for us to have many back pains due to our misplaced posture or exaggerated sedentariness that our stressful routine gives us, but did you know that there are countless techniques that do not use medication to treat these pains so worrisome?
Today we will bring a not-so-obvious practice: foot massage, incredible though it may seem, has an intimate connection with the rest of the body, many do not know, but this part of the human body is extremely important for the proper functioning of our body. according to the body maps.
Before starting a foot massage, you should wash them and moisturize them properly so that the process is more effective, after which it is interesting to apply oils or creams for the massage to begin.
When starting the foot massage, one should take one foot at a time with both hands and massage each toe and foot of the feet, with calm and soft movements, it is important not to forget to massage the Achilles tendon and the ankle .
So, after a very stressful day or school day, take a few minutes to take care of your feet.

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