Biosecurity – All about health and wellness

We all care about our personal hygiene, do not we? But it is also necessary to know more about our biosafety that is a determinant factor for our health and that it is present in diverse activities of our day to day,

But what is biosafety?

Biosafety is the set of procedures and studies of relevant importance that aims to minimize or eliminate risks that can cause in the commitment of health and the well being of the human being, of animals and of all the environment.

According to information from the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (Abihpec), Brazil is the third largest beauty market in the world, behind only the USA and Japan, so biosafety must be present in the spas and clinics that offer services to lovers of massage therapy
In addition, safety measures range from the use of gloves, some personal protection equipment such as disposable masks and resistant coats are essential to prevent contamination by microorganisms.

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