You have certainly heard that therapeutic massage techniques not considered so conventional that they are extremely relaxing and can utilize unimaginable features, but did you know that there is one of them that uses fire?

We’re talking about the suction cups of fire!

But how does this treatment so different from normal?

Ventosatherapy is a practice that consists in the application of glass cups that has as purpose to create a vacuum and to suck the skin of the individual, when this suction of the skin and the muscle is made into the glass, the formed vacuum stimulates the blood circulation and with that process all existing blood toxins are released.

In some cases, the use of the technique can also aid in the treatment for reduction of cellulites and stretch marks, in addition to making possible the reduction of measures.


Since the last century, primitive peoples have been looking for ways to heal illness and pain, even without the ease we have nowadays, they have achieved results through nature’s own resources. According to historical records, the Indians developed windsurfing techniques using animal horns. The Chinese developed this technique using bamboos and later, the Europeans developed the same technique using glass cups.

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